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Salesforce plans to hire 3300 people in various departments

Salesforce plans to hire
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Cloud-based software giant Salesforce has announced plans to hire 3,300 employees across various departments, marking a significant reversal after a 10% reduction in its workforce earlier this year, as reported by Bloomberg News.

In an interview with Bloomberg, CEO Marc Benioff expressed the company’s commitment to growth and profitability, stating, “Our job is to grow the company and to continue to achieve great margins. We know we have to hire thousands of people.”

The new hires will be distributed among several key areas, including sales, engineering, and teams dedicated to Salesforce’s data cloud product. Chief Operating Officer Brian Millham provided insights into the recruitment strategy during discussions with Bloomberg.

This news comes on the heels of Salesforce’s recent launch of Einstein Copilot, a generative AI tool designed to enhance productivity and streamline operations across its suite of applications. Einstein Copilot can be tailored by clients to meet their specific business needs and is available on platforms ranging from the instant messaging service Slack to the data visualisation tool Tableau.

The ambitious hiring plan is expected to partially offset the impact of the earlier workforce reduction, with approximately 40% of the positions cut in January set to be restored. As of February 2022, Salesforce employed nearly 80,000 people globally. Following the January workforce reduction, the company’s current headcount stands at approximately 70,000.

Salesforce’s decision to rebuild its workforce demonstrates its commitment to sustained growth and innovation, even in the face of challenges, positioning the company for continued success in the ever-evolving technology landscape.