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Essential Tips: Stay up-to-date with Salesforce

Essential tips for staying Up-to-date with Salesforce
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Salesforce releases hundreds of innovative features three times a year during their seasonal releases: spring, summer, and winter. Staying up-to-date with Salesforce is a pivotal strategy for professionals and organisations to maximise the benefits of this powerful CRM platform.

The Salesforce platform features a wide range of channels and resources. You can join community forums and follow social media accounts to interact with other users and experts and attend Salesforce events and webinars to gain insights from industry leaders, and get Salesforce-related information and news about upcoming features.

Stay up-to-date on Salesforce with these tips and ensure you’re using Salesforce’s cutting-edge capabilities to optimise customer relationships and drive growth. I will now describe a few of the tips in detail.

1. Utilise the Salesforce blogs

The Salesforce blogs often share the latest updates, tips, and tricks that can help you adapt to new features and changes quickly. You can gain valuable insights and best practices to stay up-to-date with the Salesforce experience and maximise productivity.

The blogs offer step-by-step tutorials and walkthroughs on how to use different Salesforce tools effectively. They also provide real-life examples and success stories from other Salesforce users, which can inspire and motivate you in your own Salesforce journey.

2. Subscribe to Salesforce newsletters and updates

To get the news about Salesforce and the ecosystem, one of the simplest ways is to subscribe to their official newsletters and updates. By subscribing to these newsletters and updates, you will receive regular updates about product releases, new features, and upcoming events directly in your inbox.

3. Engage with the Salesforce Trailblazer Community group

Engaging with the Salesforce Trailblazer Community group not only keeps you informed but also provides valuable connections. The Salesforce community offers a platform for you to exchange valuable insights, industry best practices, and innovative solutions.

The wealth of knowledge-sharing within the community allows you to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements, enhancing their expertise and driving success in their respective fields.

4. Regularly check Salesforce release notes

The Salesforce release notes are the go-to resource. These release notes provide detailed information about new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in each Salesforce release. To stay ahead of the curve, make it a habit to review Salesforce release notes. Embracing a proactive approach to staying informed about Salesforce releases will help you maximise the productivity and success of your organisation.

5. Attend Salesforce webinars and virtual events

Salesforce webinars and virtual events are a good source to stay up-to-date with Salesforce. These webinars and events provide valuable insights and training to its customers and prospects. These sessions offer in-depth insights into new features and best practices, often with live demonstrations.

For example, Salesforce recently hosted a webinar on its latest artificial intelligence capabilities, showcasing how businesses can leverage this technology to enhance customer service and optimise sales processes. The virtual event allowed participants to interact with industry experts and ask questions in real-time, fostering a more engaging and interactive learning experience. Attendees were able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the features and benefits of Salesforce’s AI tools, equipping them with the knowledge they need to drive success in their organisations.

6. Attend Dreamforce, the annual Salesforce conference

Dreamforce is the largest gathering of Salesforce professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. It is an annual conference hosted by Salesforce that brings together industry leaders, experts, and users to share knowledge, network, and learn about the latest innovations in the Salesforce ecosystem. Stay up-to-date on Dreamforce information and get a unique opportunity for you to expand your skills, stay updated on industry trends, and connect with like-minded individuals.

7. Sign up for the AppExchange newsletter

Staying up-to-date with the AppExchange is a great resource for you to get information on the Salesforce AppExchange applications. By signing up for the AppExchange newsletter, each month you will receive a curated list of top-rated apps, customer success stories, and helpful tips and tricks.

Whether you’re a Salesforce admin looking to streamline your workflows or a sales manager seeking new tools to boost productivity, the AppExchange newsletter has something for everyone. Sign up today and never miss out on the latest innovations in the Salesforce ecosystem!

8. Invest in Salesforce training and certifications

You can consider investing in Salesforce training and certification programs, as they can greatly enhance your career prospects in the field of customer relationship management (CRM). You gain the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage customer relationships with Salesforce training and certification programs. By becoming a certified Salesforce professional, you demonstrate your expertise and credibility to potential employers, increasing your chances of securing high-paying job opportunities.

9. Join Trailhead and complete modules

I would definitely recommend you join the Salesforce’s Trailhead platform, which offers a wide range of modules and trails that cover various aspects of Salesforce, including new features and updates. Completing these modules not only keeps you informed but also earns you badges and certifications, showcasing your expertise.

10. Search for reputable Salesforce blogs that regularly publish news and updates

To stay up-to-date with Salesforce, you should explore Salesforce-focused blogs and forums run by experts and enthusiasts in the Salesforce ecosystem. These platforms often provide in-depth analysis, real-world use cases, and discussions about new updates and best practices.

11. Set up custom alerts and notifications

Salesforce offers customisable alerts and notifications that can keep you informed about changes relevant to your business. These alerts can be sent via email, mobile push notifications, or even as pop-up messages within the Salesforce platform. By setting up custom alerts, you can stay on top of important updates, such as when a lead reaches a certain status or when a new opportunity is created.

This helps you to proactively take action and stay engaged with your sales and marketing activities. You can also configure the frequency and conditions for receiving these alerts, ensuring that you only receive notifications for the changes that matter most to you.

12. Collaborate with Salesforce support

Salesforce’s support team is a valuable resource. Reach out to them for assistance, clarification, or information regarding recent updates and any potential issues that may arise with new features. They are knowledgeable about the platform and can provide guidance on best practices for utilising Salesforce effectively. Whether you have questions about customising your Salesforce instance, troubleshooting technical issues, or seeking advice on integrating third-party applications, Salesforce Support is there to help.


In conclusion, staying up-to-date with Salesforce is crucial for you to maximise your capabilities. By taking full advantage of the Salesforce platform’s news and updates, you can stay ahead of your competitors. Overall, continuous learning and staying current with Salesforce can contribute to greater efficiency and success in business operations.

I’m sure that by following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to maximise the benefits of Salesforce, optimise customer relationships, and drive growth within your organisation.

Stay updated, stay ahead, stay connected, and stay successful with Salesforce.