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Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Course

Become proficient in Sales Cloud with our comprehensive Sales Cloud consultant certification course. Our 3-week course is crafted to empower you with the expertise and capabilities required to thrive in Sales Cloud applications and become a certified Sales Cloud consultant.
Whether you're diving into Salesforce for the first time or aiming to elevate your career, our course provides a well-organised learning journey and seasoned mentorship to support your success in the dynamic field of Sales Cloud consultancy.

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Through a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on practice, you’ll gain a deep understanding of Sales Cloud functionalities, best practices for configuration and customisation, data management techniques, and sales analytics and reporting.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the “Sales Cloud Consultant Certification,” you will:


Master Sales Cloud

Develop a comprehensive understanding of Sales Cloud, including its features, functionalities, and best practices for optimising sales processes and driving business growth.


Develop Customisation Expertise

Learn to customise Sales Cloud Salesforce to align with specific business requirements, including configuring workflows, creating custom objects, fields, and page layouts, and implementing automation using Process Builder and Flow.


Enhance Consultation Skills

Hone consultation skills essential for working with clients, gathering requirements, designing solutions, and providing recommendations to optimise sales strategies and operations using the Sales Cloud.


Understand Integration Strategies

Explore integration options and best practices for integrating Sales Cloud Salesforce with other systems, such as marketing automation platforms, ERP systems, and third-party applications, to streamline data flow and enhance sales efficiency.

Sales Cloud Fundamentals

Lead Management

Opportunity Management

Sales Collaboration and Mobility

Sales Performance Management

Sales Cloud Administration



Resume review and optimisation


Help writing impressive cover letter


Networking opportunities with industry professionals


Career development workshops and events


Job search strategies and resources


Behavioural Interview Preparation


Interview coaching and practice sessions with the help of AI tools


And much more!

Fees and Payment Structure

Why choose the Sales Cloud Consultant Course?

As a Sales Cloud consultant, you’ll serve as a key player in guiding businesses to leverage the complete power of the Sales Cloud to achieve their sales objectives. Certified sales Cloud consultants are highly sought-after in Australia, with the demand expected to continue growing due to the increasing adoption of Salesforce platforms by businesses.

Who Should Take the Sales Cloud Consultant Course?

  • Salesforce Administrators looking to specialise in Sales Cloud and advance their careers.
  • Sales professionals aiming to deepen their understanding of Sales Cloud functionalities.
  • Business analysts seeking to leverage the Sales Cloud for optimising sales processes and driving revenue growth.
  • Consultants interested in becoming certified Sales Cloud experts to better serve their clients.
  • Individuals aspiring to pursue a career in Salesforce consultancy and enhance their job prospects.


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Frequently asked questions

The Sales Cloud consultant certification focuses specifically on expertise in configuring and implementing Sales Cloud solutions. It differs from other Salesforce certifications by emphasising skills and knowledge related to sales processes, Sales Cloud applications, and sales analytics.

While there are no strict prerequisites, it’s beneficial to have a basic understanding of Salesforce CRM and sales processes. Some experience with Salesforce administration or sales operations is recommended but not mandatory.

On average, Sales Cloud consultants in Australia earn approximately $132,500 per year, with salaries ranging from $104,762 to $183,088 based on factors like experience, skills, and location.

Normally, the course extends for 3 weeks, allowing plenty of time for thorough learning and exam readiness. Nevertheless, the duration might differ based on each person’s learning speed and previous familiarity with Salesforce.

The course provides access to expert guidance, practice exams, practical exercises, and additional resources to help you prepare thoroughly for the certification exam. Additionally, you can engage with instructors and peers for support and clarification of concepts.

Enrolling in our course is simple. You can visit our website, navigate to the course page, and click on the “Enrol Now” button. Complete the registration and payment process as outlined in the instructions provided.

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