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Salesforce Success Pathway program

The 12-week Salesforce Success Pathway program is a comprehensive program which is your gateway to mastering the powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Beginners, those who want to restart their careers and women who are returning to the workforce can all benefit from this program's Salesforce expertise. It provides an accelerated learning path within our tech accelerator program, giving you the knowledge and abilities required to confidently traverse the Salesforce ecosystem.
Salesforce Success Pathway

Whether you’re an aspiring Salesforce administrator or looking to enhance your existing Salesforce expertise, this program provides hands-on training from expert instructors, ensuring you gain practical experience that can be implemented right away in your IT career. Let’s explore what the Salesforce Success Pathway program entails and how it can propel you towards a rewarding tech career path. This is our most comprehensive job readiness program which builds the foundation and specialisation skills in Salesforce.

Learning Objectives

Through our course, you’ll gain expertise in a variety of areas:


Salesforce Mastery

Establish yourself as a Salesforce expert by gaining a thorough understanding of Salesforce's fundamental features, functionalities, and capabilities.


Customisation and Configuration

Learn to customise and configure Salesforce to meet specific business requirements, enabling you to tailor solutions for different organisations with our industry-leading programs.


Automation Skills

Master the art of automating processes within Salesforce, streamlining workflows, and improving Salesforce productivity in various tech career settings.


Data Management

Become proficient in managing and maintaining data within Salesforce, ensuring data accuracy, security, and compliance within our technology career pathway.


Best Practices

Discover industry best practices and stay up-to-date with the latest Salesforce trends and updates within our IT career pathway.

  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing
  2. Salesforce Platform Fundamentals (Everything from Salesforce Administrator)
  3. Introduction – Module 1

See Business analyst curriculum

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Omnistudio Financial Services and Public Sector Cloud

See Salesforce Developer Curriculum

See functional tester curriculum

We cover no-code low-code configuration using Declarative programming.



Resume review and optimisation


Help writing impressive cover letter


Networking opportunities with industry professionals


Career development workshops and events


Job search strategies and resources


Behavioural Interview Preparation


Interview coaching and practice sessions with the help of AI tools


And much more!

Fees and Payment Structure

Why study Salesforce Success Pathway Program with us?

Why choose the Salesforce Success Pathway program?

Salesforce skills are in high demand across industries. Whether you’re starting your IT career or looking to advance in your current role, opt for the Salesforce Success Pathway program to accelerate your tech career path. This program is our most comprehensive program to teach you fundaments and then get you to your preferred pathway such as Developer, Functional Consultant or Functional Tester

Who Should Take the Salesforce Success Pathway program?


Unlimited 1:1 mentoring

Book unlimited 1:1 sessions with an experienced Product Management mentor to seek clarity, receive personalised feedback about your work, or guidance on your skillset.


Career support

Over 24 weeks, our Career Support & Talent Services team will work with you to strengthen your CV and online brand, prepare for interviews, search for job opportunities and much more.


Learn from industry experts

This course is supported by industry experts with extensive experience, both in the field and in the online classrooms.



Join our community on Slack and connect with like-minded individuals eager to support and enhance your professional growth. Our community is rich with resources to help you improve your skills, expand your network, and boost your confidence. From industry experts to entry-level professionals, everyone is welcome to join the conversation and contribute their unique insights. Get access to exclusive job openings, group mentorship opportunities, and lively discussions on the latest trends in your field. Plus, our supportive and welcoming atmosphere is the perfect place to learn and grow without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. Join today and start building meaningful connections with professionals who share your passion for personal and professional development!

Frequently asked questions

The Salesforce Success Pathway program is designed for a diverse audience, including beginners, career restarters, and women re-entering the workforce.

Yes, the training helps you get ready for the Salesforce certification examinations, which improves your reputation and recognition in the IT field.

The 12-week program provides a thorough learning experience together with practical training from industry-expert instructors.

This course starts with Fundamentals of Software Engineering and then moves into the Salesforce Foundation course then moves on to hands-on projects before moving to the next phase of the course which could be Business Analyst, Advanced Administrator, App Builder, Platform Developer 1 or Omnistudio Foundation.

Completing the program significantly can improve your chances of landing a tech profession. Individuals acquire practical experience that they can apply immediately in their IT careers, making them valuable assets to employers all over the world.

Enrolling in our course is simple. You can visit our website, navigate to the course page, and click on the “Enroll Now” button. Follow the provided instructions for registration and payment.

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