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Salesforce OmniStudio Accelerator

The Salesforce OmniStudio Accelerator course is tailored for individuals who aspire to be a consultant or a developer implementing low-code no-code industry based solutions on the Salesforce Platform using OmniStudio tools. Our Four (4) weeks OmniStudio Accelerator training course offers you an excellent opportunity to acquire knowledge and develop the expertise necessary for Consultant and Developer certification. This is a foundation course for Salesforce Industries cloud.
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A Salesforce OmniStudio consultant or developer is a seasoned professional well-versed in leveraging Salesforce’s OmniStudio suite of tools. These tools empower you to craft, manage, and deliver exceptional customer experiences across various communication channels. By pursuing the Salesforce OmniStudio Accelerator certification, you embark on a journey to deepen your understanding of key elements like FlexCards, OmniScripts, Data Tools, and Best Fit Solutioning. This course also prepares you for other crucial sections of the exam.

Learning Objectives

Through our course, you’ll gain expertise in a variety of areas:


Mastery of OmniStudio Tools

Gain a deep understanding and proficiency in using the entire suite of OmniStudio tools and create efficient solutions for diverse business needs.


Customer-Centric Solutions

Learn to design and implement customer-centric solutions that enhance user experiences across multiple channels. Explore techniques to create tailored applications that align with the unique requirements and preferences of your target audience.


Automation and Efficiency

Acquire the skills to automate complex business processes by leveraging the power of OmniStudio.


Integration and Data Management

Gain expertise in seamlessly integrating data sources and external systems into OmniStudio applications.


Industry-Specific Expertise

Develop industry-specific knowledge and insights, allowing you to tailor solutions for various sectors such as healthcare, finance, retail, and more.

  1. Vlocity vs Salesforce Industries
  2. OmniStudio Resource Overview
  3. Difference between Salesforce Flows vs OmniStudio
  1. Create omnichannel guided sales and service experiences.
  2. Understand the use of different layers such as the Experience layer, Service Management layer.
  1. Explain the capabilities, use cases and purpose of using FlexCards.
  2. Design FlexCards to ensure they meet customer requirements/needs. 
  3. Collect and group the customer 360 Information required to show to an end user. (Console, FlexCards)
  1. Explain the basic structure of an OmniScript.
  2. Validate developed OmniScript processes to ensure client expectation alignment.
  3. Identify business process step requirements and map them to OmniScript Components required to implement them. 
  1. Explain the purpose and benefits of Integration Procedures and DataRaptors.
  2. Design Integration Procedures and related DataRaptors.
  3. Describe the benefits of using Decision Matrices and Expression Sets and provide real examples.
  1. Gather, analyze, and simplify business requirements in order to design solutions using OmniStudio tools following best practices.
  2. Map process requirements to OmniStudio capabilities and explain the interaction between them.
  3. Create fit/gap analyses between requirements and OmniStudio capabilities.


Fees and Payment Structure

Why study Salesforce Omnistudio with us?

Why choose the Salesforce OmniStudio Accelerator Course?

Organisations are actively seeking consultants/developers who can harness OmniStudio tools to create cutting-edge solutions. The Salesforce OmniStudio Accelerator training not only validates your expertise but also enhances your credibility in the eyes of potential clients and employers, setting you apart in the competitive landscape.

Who Should Take the Salesforce OmniStudio Accelerator Course?


Unlimited 1:1 mentoring

Book unlimited 1:1 sessions with an experienced mentor to seek clarity, receive personalised feedback about your work, or guidance on your skillset.


Learn from industry experts

This course is supported by industry experts with extensive experience, both in the field and in the online classrooms.



Join our community on Slack and connect with like-minded individuals eager to support and enhance your professional growth. Our community is rich with resources to help you improve your skills, expand your network, and boost your confidence. From industry experts to entry-level professionals, everyone is welcome to join the conversation and contribute their unique insights. Get access to exclusive job openings, group mentorship opportunities, and lively discussions on the latest trends in your field. Plus, our supportive and welcoming atmosphere is the perfect place to learn and grow without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. Join today and start building meaningful connections with professionals who share your passion for personal and professional development!

Frequently asked questions

It is a low code/no code platform built for Salesforce on Salesforce

  • Omnistudio no code/low code tools help reduce development hours and maximize ROI – win/win for implementation teams and customers
  •  Implement Industry-focussed customer-centric solutions with awesome digital experience
  • Guided interactions for enhanced user experience
  • Visualise, load and manipulate data inside and outside Salesforce

It is a comprehensive training program designed for individuals with experience in Salesforce as admin or consultant in developing SaaS/Cloud applications using OmniStudio tools. It equips you with the knowledge and skills required to excel in a customer-facing role, leveraging Salesforce’s OmniStudio suite of tools.

After joining OmniStudio Accelerator online classes, you can earn the certification that offers several benefits, including enhanced career prospects, credibility in the job market, and the ability to create innovative solutions using OmniStudio tools. It sets you apart as an expert in the field.

While prior Salesforce experience can be beneficial, it is not mandatory. The course is designed to accommodate both beginners and experienced Salesforce professionals, ensuring that participants from various backgrounds can excel.

The OmniStudio consultant online training program typically spans 4 weeks. It provides an intensive and immersive learning experience to help you acquire the knowledge and expertise necessary for the Salesforce OmniStudio consultant/developer certification.

Our training program stands out due to its industry-leading curriculum, hands-on experience, and preparation for the Salesforce OmniStudio consultant/developer certification exam.

Enrolling in our course is simple. You can visit our website, navigate to the course page, and click on the “Enroll Now” button. Follow the provided instructions for registration and payment.

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